Sonali Store, Oldham
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I was particularly impressed with the after-sales service A&J Audhali provides. Any issue or query is dealt with professionally and quickly.

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M & M Mahmood, Ilford

Witton Store, Birmingham
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The halal meat A&J Audhali supplies is consistently fresh and the price is always incredibly reasonable. Ordering products is very easy and they always advise me of new products that I may be interested in νšŒμ‚¬ ν‘œμ€€ μ‚¬κ·œμ§‘ λ‹€μš΄λ‘œλ“œ.

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AK Halal, Birmingham
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Many times I have placed a last minute order with A&J Audhali for several pallets of products, which they delivered to me in Manchester in under 3 hours dwg trueview 2018 ν•œκΈ€ λ‹€μš΄λ‘œλ“œ. This is a great service for me and my business.

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Zaffar Iqbal, Manchester
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A&J Audhali do exactly what they promise – they supply me with good quality product at extremely competitive prices. I have no reason to go to any other supplier PrincessMaker 5.

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J L Thomas & Son, West Bromwich
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It is always difficult to find suppliers that you can rely on, and in the past they have caused me many headaches. With A&J Audhali there are no headaches, and they always supply a wide range of products on time your 100th love subtitles.

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Wolverton Store, Milton Keynes
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